Welcome to PEAK

Helping individuals PEAK to their independence

Welcome to PEAK


At PEAK, our mission is to provide unique, person-centered support for adults with disabilities in their pursuit of meaningful and productive lives within the community.

We believe in excellence ~ in the care we give our individuals, the staff we hire, and the programs we coordinate. Our caring and dedicated administrative supervisory and medical personnel are available on-call 24 hours a day for support, consultation, and intervention. We believe in keeping the lines of communication open and consistent to provide the best care for each individual and their families.

PEAK was founded in 2008 by Mark and Nannette Warren.

PEAK is certified and has the experience to provide a wide array of supports and services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our team has 34 years of combined experience. PEAK offers services for Day Array and Residential.

Cornerstone Philosophy


The cornerstone of our philosophy at PEAK is person-centered planning. We encourage our individuals, their families, and guardians to communicate their wants and needs to us so we can best meet their needs with individualized plans and programs.

At PEAK we believe that disability is not inability. With person-centered planning, the power of decision-making lies with our individual and their families as we work together to meet their needs.

Our individuals are JUST LIKE YOU and we work diligently to coordinate the best possible quality of life for each of our individuals.